Thursday, July 15, 2010

Update on Kelly and Trey

I was asked to update the blog so that everyone can be informed of what is going on.

Kelly and Blue are at the hospital after they and the doctor discovered the blood levels in Trey's brain to be high. They have been running tests and also have found that Trey's heart rate is decelerating now every hour and a half, due to contractions. There will be a blood transfusion tomorrow (PUBS), where they will draw a blood sample from the cord. If they find Trey to be anemic they will begin transfusing him with blood. The doctor believes he is only moderately anemic, due to the elevated blood in his brain.

It seems that these complications are caused most likely from Parvo, though not connected to their son's case who has just recently had the same thing.

It sounds as though after tomorrow's procedure Blue and Kelly and the doctors will have a better idea of where to go from there.

Please keep Kelly, Blue, Trey and their family in your prayers.



Alicia said...

I am praying for you and little Trey. I hope the blood transfusion goes well tomorrow and that his heart rate comes under control.

audra said...

Thank you for the update, our prayers are with little Trey!