Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Brief Scare

I never took pictures when I was pregnant with Claire. It was still too hard to enjoy anything. But I wish I had more now...
I realize that I don't take pics now either! So a few weeks ago before bed I had Blue snap this - just in case we don't take others! It's Trey at 25 weeks. I hope to do another one today - but it will be my kids taking it since my husband won't be home at all. :) We're real pros around here.

So I was able to address my concerns at my last doc visit, but they were all overshadowed by them telling us that our baby is anemic now. It was a huge blow - within seconds all our other thoughts/worries disappeared. It's one thing to get pregnant with the possibility that you might have to bury this next baby, but an entire other intensity to be suddenly in the "sick baby" place again.
Long story short, the NP told us there was nothing they could do at this point, just keep monitoring him and if he gets really bad to an in-uturo blood transfusion. So many questions.....
I called the doc and he said--- the NP interpreted the results of our MCA a little wrong and misinformed us! I would be so mad if I was not so relieved! Our son's readings went from the low end of the normal zone to the high end of the normal zone (in two weeks). But he was still in the normal zone. No anemia.
That was exactly 2 weeks ago. 26 weeks. He was just shy of 2lbs. Not ready to be born.
Today I go for another MCA reading. I am hopeful that he will be ok, as he moves like MAD. But even if he's getting anemic, at least he's older than my daughter was when she got it. He's got more of a chance.
Anyone with high-risk pregs ever wish they could go back to being ignorantly happy, never monitoring their baby but happily painting nursery's with a confidence that all would be well? I am grateful I had that once. It will never be experienced again in my life. I can't wait for all this to be over. My husband and kids feel the same way.