Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things I want to remember ...

Just a few things I want to journal because I'm afraid I will forget them and they are priceless.
Yesterday I had to get gas at our QT - which is literally 5 minutes from the house. Caidgen said, "I REALLY am so thirsty and hungry. I can't make it til we get home." IE - I went here with the field trip mom and she got me a cool slushy and there's tons of sweets in there let's go again. I debated but then opted for him to have the fun memory. As we walked into the store Caidgen took my hand and said, "Mom,after you buy it you can tell me how many quarters it costs and I will pay you. Cause I don't want to be a spoiled child." I could have cried there was such pride and gratitude inside me. "This is my treat," I told him. "No, Mom, really. I don't need to be spoiled."
Also yesterday I was sick (thanks, Dallas :)) and shortly after breakfast I rushed into the bathroom to get rid of it. Amie heard the noise and came running. "Mom! What was that?" "Just me throwing up, honey, it's OK." She stood still a moment and then threw her arms around my legs. "It's going to be okay, Mom. It's okay. You're okay." I bent over and hugged her and she patted my back before running off to play again.
ALSO yesterday, Blue took the kids to the movie store on their bikes (Amie had to put on the training wheels again since it was so far and she was a little scared on her pip squeak bike). Caidgen stayed on green for 10 days at school and that was his treat - to ride there and pick a movie. I stood outside as they biked home. They were so proud of themselves! Amie's little legs were FLYING around the pedals (seriously, she needs a bigger bike) and Caidgen was smooth sailing. They were so hot and tired but beaming with pride in themselves. We watched Enchanted and Ami threw her head behind me whenever there was a mushy part because Blue would stare at her and embarrass the poor romantic. Caidgen clung to every violent part - dragons and explosions and what not. How funny that they like the same movie for 2 totally different reasons. Cage is "embarrassed" at the last kiss scene! Ami, well, she kisses me for like 20 minutes after and I think I know what that's really about.
Is there anything else I wanted to remember? I know there is.... I just said that outloud and Amie goes, "What? For me to clean?" I am laughing so hard right now because I have been harping on her all morning about it!

Easter Part 3

Are these cute pics or what? I can't believe how our family has exploded. My kids adore their cousins. Cooper got to celebrate his birthday Sunday - perfect since we can't be there today (Happy Birthday Cooper!). One of these holidays we WILL get a good pic of all the kids together! Notice that Cooper was the ONLY kid looking at my camera! I'm so glad Blue got a good pic with his grandma.

Easter Part 2

Of course the kids loved the Easter egg hunt. I noticed that Uncle TC and Ross both secretly helped Amie...being the littlest has its perks! Who knew my family has such acrobats? Flips like crazy on the tramp. Ami wanted in on all the fun - better keep her in tumbling so she doesn't kill herself. We calmed down afterwards with a video Blue found of me interviewing my grandma 8 years ago for her life history. I'm so glad I was into that when I joined the church - this forgotten movie is now priceless. And of course she said one of her favorite holidays was Easter. Her dad never let his girls go without a new dress and shoes for Easter. Aww...

Easter Part 1

It was really nice of my family to come out to my house. We made cucumber sandwiches, devilled eggs, jello and grilled hamburgers. I loaded up baskets for my kids because word was the grandma's weren't doing it this year ( I was going to skip them since our budget's to tight right now). What do you know, Mom shows up with great baskets for the kids and so does little Stella!!! No matter what I do the kids get spoiled.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An angel gone home

My grandma passed away peacefully Friday Night in her home. She was almost 93. She'd been hanging in there all these years for my mom; they were so close. Mom said she had a deal with God... but at last the Spirit whispered to both Mom and I that it was time. It started with a dream a month or so ago. I was there in Grandma's house and all the memories were there with me but she was gone. It was as though I was being led back through the shadowy veil of time to those most special days I spent with Grandma and my guide leaned in and whispered, "It's time. It will all be over soon, so remember. Remember and cherish."

After that dream memories of her popped into my head at the most random times. I knew it was for a reason. So I shared this with my family and my closest friends and tried to prepare. I will never be ready to let her go - my mom especially won't be. We are too selfish! But Mom told her a few days ago that she'd been the best mom anyone could ask for and it was okay to go. Grandma didn't live more than a day later.

My grandma was the most loving person I have ever known. She loved the Lord quietly and steadily all her life. Similarly she loved her husband, though he was tragically taken from her when Mom was only 6 months old. She spoke of him like they were newlyweds. She loved books and poetry. I've never known anyone who could recite so many classical passages. She loved gardening and cultivating land. And she spent many days calmly passing time with family and neighbors who were as close as family. Can you see how she shaped me? If there is one person in this world who inspired me it is her. God is at the center of my heart; I'm a romantic to the core; books are what I overspend on; I crave being outdoors and gardening; heart to heart visits with family and friends mean the most to me.

I feel so lucky to have had such an influence, and for so long. I only wish I could have been there to see her reunion with my grandfather... but while I miss her I want to live out her values, dreams and ideals while my time here is not complete. Welcome Home, Grandma. Send me messages whenever you can!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Caidgen's Spring Carnival

Yay for Caidgen's school Spring Carnival! I love cheesy outdoor stuff like that. I volunteered to run a booth for an hour and a half. Those who know me best can guess what happened. I was so nauseous Saturday morning that Blue went to set up for me. I scraggled in 40 minutes later with the kids and instead of taking over for Blue and letting him go enjoy everything he insisted that I go play with the kids while he worked my shift. Sometimes he is such an example for me.

The kids loved the bouncy thing there, then the petting zoo - of course my favorite (can I have one at my next birthday?) and of course the booths. They threw footballs through big particle board bulls eyes. Over and over. And since that was "my" booth Blue was the one retrieving all the balls! I won a three gift certificate basket for pretty cheap at the silent auction. We all had snow cones and hot dogs and just really enjoyed the small town school carnival.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My big baby

So I had my first ultrasound Friday. I was soooo looking forward to this. I needed Tricia (all my kid's doc) to tell me it was healthy and with the correct amount of appendages. I wondered if there might be 2 babies, with my sickness and quick weight gain. To my disappointment Tricia exclaimed immediately, "Oh, you've got a big baby in there." Just one. It's good for me really, because the Lord knows what we can handle and I feel so much that He wants this trip to be enjoyable for our family. And I am so glad she noted he/she is big! I knew it! So my due date has been pushed up a week - now it's Sept. 13. I REALLY hope I don't have it on the 11th.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hiking! Saturday March 1, 08

Caidgen's been learning about the desert in school and so, NATURALLY he's been pointing out every cactus on the side of the road and telling us its history, as well as begging to go to the desert. So, Saturday that's just what we did. We took our dog Winnie and a new puppy that I rescued from the jaws of Hunt Highway one morning (I've since happily found his owners). One thing I love about where we live is that we have mountains all around us and beautiful hiking trails LITERALLY 5 minutes away.

Now, don't be alarmed by my nasty nakedness - I was desperate for some sun, anywhere I could get it. I LOVE being outside! I was just shocked that the pics reveal that my 11 week old baby is already popping out of my gut.

The kids had a blast, although our big hurdle of the day was convincing Caidgen that the Jumping Cacti (which are all over out there) were not actually going to JUMP on him from far away. That child has such an imagination. We walked across a wide, clear area of mostly dead plants for a minute and Caidgen was behind us all, muttering about being afraid of the "Cactus Graveyard." I wasn't sure if I should laugh or yell at him. Amie capitalized on his madness and declared all afternoon that she was not at all afraid of cactus, that she was quite a brave girl.

Blue went into Survivor mode and taught the kids to find landmarks as we hiked so they would know how to get home. Then he pretended not to know the way and made Caidgen guide us back. Cage fought through his fear and did a great job. :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blue's surprise 30th party

Since Blue turned 30 February 25th I figured it was time I surprised him (usually it's the other way around). So Saturday I told him that the kids and I were taking him to a nice little French breakfast place when really I dropped him off with his brother Dallas. I popped open the trunk and gave him his paintball gun, shabby clothes, money and sent him off for a testosterone filled morning at Tempe Paintball. He was so shocked! It was priceless. Then it was a "family dinner" at the Fish Market - his favorite restaraunt. Just us and Mom and Ross...we got there 15 minutes early so I stalled: "Oh, I don't want to take all these papers into the restaraunt," and I started taking scraps out of my purse - one by one! Then I left the light on in the car and locked it: "Oh honey, can you open the car and lock it?" While he muttered under his breath I s-l-o-w-l-y pulled on my jacket. "Wonder if Mom's here yet?" I stopped and gazed around the parking lot, then began to text her. And my final tactic was to run to the bathroom the second we got inside and demand that he wait for me. My dear patient husband. It resulted in us walking into the back room his friend Paul reserved for us and being greeted with a "surprise" from 30 people! Again, he was shocked and my stress was all worth it. We had 2 hours of laughing, weird sushi tasting, a football pinata, and vanilla icecream (that's Blue's preference) for dessert. Then we had one more surprise - a jazz night at Phx's top Jazz Lounge with a band that singled Blue out and made him dance a birthday dance (I stepped in with him to save the embarrassment). I can honestly say I was sick ALL the next day from it all, but he was SO surprised and happy about everything so it was worth it.