Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3 words

Contagious Stomach Flu

Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 22, 2008
I told Ami around 8:30 that I was going upstairs to take a shower. She came up here at 9 and – as I expected, said, “Did you even take a shower yet?” She knows my procrastination habits!! “Ha! I KNEW you were going to ask me that!” I laughed. “No, Ami, not yet. But I did pick out my clothes. I always do that first.” (And check my email, and put away some of your toys and pile up the things I am taking to work today). “the thing is, Ami, I would rather do pretty much anything rather than get ready. I just don’t like getting myself pretty. There are so many other things to do.” She stood still a minute, then turned and walked out of the bathroom. She paused in my room and said, “Mom, you have to take a shower. Or – - - I’m gonna kick your butt.” Poor thing didn't know what to say but felt there had to be some action taken! When she was well out of sight I snuck out of the bathroom over to the computer to write this. What's a few more minutes? Family memories are more important than getting ready, right…..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

my date for the wedding

This saturday night I went 66 miles to the other side of the valley for a great wedding ( see below). At the last minute Blue couldn't be my date (he was required at Ross' bachelor party) so Caidgen filled in.
What a fun date he is! He LOVED the martinelli's toasting - wanted to toast everyone at the table - like the chinking sound. When we left the table he'd cover his lego ship up with the linen napkin so "No one will steal it."
In general he thinks weddings are boring, so after a few hours he was playing with his tie...
We stayed as late as we could, but the cake cutting was too late for him. He conked in the car...But, at 11pm he got an ice cream because I told him if we left before the cake I'd get him something else. We ate haagindaaz with my mom and watched the end of A Walk in the Clouds. He SO got a girl's date night!!!

Saturday's work...

I promised a great client a year ago that I would do her wedding hair, so even though Blue doesn't want me working Saturdays anymore we created some great artwork this last Saturday. Even Blue is sympathetic to Brides. Here she is with her cute mother with a Boston accent, both the before and then after. The mom's simple half up style is unshowingly special because she wanted just one side of her hair barretted up...The bride and I had to whisper and consort and in the end I basically wouldn't allow her to be seen in life long photos with a side Barrett clip! And Mom LOVED her hair! She really felt beautiful and that's what it's all about. The sweet bride, well, she cried when she saw herself all done with and veiled.
Here are her bridesmaids. Of course Ami liked my friend Sarah's best - the different one that's NOT ringlets. Ami thinks ringlets are ridiculous. Like I have said, strange child...

what I do now...

All of you good friends who actually make the effort to come to my house have seen my crap "powder room." I've wanted to paint it since I moved it but have never had the time. Well, working only 1 day a week has helped that a bit so woa la! Here's part 1

It stayed this way for a week...

Now it's all done but for the baseboards being repainted. They need it bad. Hopefully I will do that this week. And I am using red for all the accents because it makes me smile.

Gardening! I love it. I would spend every day out side if I could. So, I have neglected the inside a bit and planted flowers outside in the front yard because the front yard is sooo bare and brown. It's slowly coming along, but my house color is plain so it casts a plainness over everything. Amie helped me a little bit, but she actually doesn't find gardening fun at all. Strange child.

This is a spot of gravel that's been bare for 3 years... I think it's smiling now!

New York Bachelorette Party

These are a little late due to me boycotting the internet.

World Trade Center memorial - a damaged statue from that day
Rockafeller Center with Mom
My fav - intensely strong performers in Central Park

We had a great time - 4 women in a big city and no drama - amazing testament to us, I know! Especially with periods and pregnancy's. It was my Mom and her best friend Molly and me and TC's girlfriend Kristy. I MISSED my family since I'm all about nesting right now, but it was great to see a totally different part of the country. People speaking different languages all around me and here's the shocker - they have white skin! That's something you don't get in AZ. The nights were as bright as the day. Seeing Wicked on Broadway- WOW. I wish Blue was there because it was a musical that actually kept my attention the whole time and surprised me and inspired me. It was so cool! Oh - can't forget the Anna Sui shoes I got in this eclectic little shopping district called SoHo. My only shopping purchase - these shoes were originally 600 bucks! Yeah right, Anna, no matter how hot you are. I got a major deal, over 70% off. Maybe I should put them in the china cabinet. Oh wait, I don't have one. I guess I will just wear the heck out of them instead as I get fatter and fatter... I loved the whole Mary Poppins meets ballet slipper meets modern woman thing they had going on.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Coach Pitch Ball

We're having a much better season this year with Caidgen's ball. First of all - and most importantly, he actually likes it this year. Not to mention that he's a ton better than he used to be so I'm sure that helps all around. Amazing what one year of growth can do for a child.

I'm glad Blue gets to be a spectator this year and sit with me. He's too busy to coach and it's probably less pressure for Cage ( did I say that?). And we LOVE Kristy Lamb's hubby as our coach. He's laid back and actually teaches the kids. It's nice seeing Kristy more too. :)

Teeth Cleaning!

Amie had a big day at the dentist on Tuesday, April 1, 08. She was really brave but honesty, I was mad that she had to be...We got the "fill in" hygienist who obviously had NO CLUE how to work with children. I told her immediately that Amie gags easily - as in, every time we brush her back teeth. Did this influence the ole' professional to give her baby size ex ray squares? No. She just tried to shove them in and Amie almost threw up 15 times before she called it quits. "She's too little," she turned to me and said. No kidding, idiot, did the GAGGING give that away?

But the upside to this go getter was that she cleaned the crap out of Amie's teeth - an hour's worth. Used all the adult drills and such - because "your daughter was so brave I just used everything." Thanks for the white teeth, although Amie will probably NEVER want to go to the dentist again. I'm hoping the kitty from the treasure box at the end made it all worth it. That, or the movie I bought her after!