Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New York Bachelorette Party

These are a little late due to me boycotting the internet.

World Trade Center memorial - a damaged statue from that day
Rockafeller Center with Mom
My fav - intensely strong performers in Central Park

We had a great time - 4 women in a big city and no drama - amazing testament to us, I know! Especially with periods and pregnancy's. It was my Mom and her best friend Molly and me and TC's girlfriend Kristy. I MISSED my family since I'm all about nesting right now, but it was great to see a totally different part of the country. People speaking different languages all around me and here's the shocker - they have white skin! That's something you don't get in AZ. The nights were as bright as the day. Seeing Wicked on Broadway- WOW. I wish Blue was there because it was a musical that actually kept my attention the whole time and surprised me and inspired me. It was so cool! Oh - can't forget the Anna Sui shoes I got in this eclectic little shopping district called SoHo. My only shopping purchase - these shoes were originally 600 bucks! Yeah right, Anna, no matter how hot you are. I got a major deal, over 70% off. Maybe I should put them in the china cabinet. Oh wait, I don't have one. I guess I will just wear the heck out of them instead as I get fatter and fatter... I loved the whole Mary Poppins meets ballet slipper meets modern woman thing they had going on.


S & A Millar said...

Hey Kel, I got your message about you having a boy! Yay! Are you excited? You never know though if its like your other two, you'll end up having a girl :) Well I'm so jelouse you got to go to New York! How fun! I'm so glad you saw wicked, I loved that play too! And your shoes are so cute, what a bargen! What did the guys do for the Bachlor party? When is the big day any way?

Sara Schletter said...

How fun to go to New York City and even see a show. Love the shoes.