Saturday, December 20, 2008

December 18, Adopt-a-Class Day!

I've tried to get a variety of pics so that all you who donated might glimpse your toy, your clothes in some grateful little hands...

All ready to go! No tote undone. We needed two cars to take everything - this photo is missing 5 bags still. I thought how glad I was to have the bigger vehicle that we bought the day we had Jackson. At first it seemed cruel to have this reminder of what happened that day, but it's a blessing to use it to help others. I know - sounds cheesy, but it's true for me.
Here's one tote unpacked - new toy, used toy, new clothes, used clothes, shoes, pjs, socks. Some kids also got tooth brushes and/or undies (the undies the kids hid in the bottom of their totes so no one would see them!)I LOVED that Ami just jumped in and helped pass out lunch.What a doll baby. She got what she wanted - a light haired Barbie. If you look closely you'll see that she has nothing but black stubs for top teeth. This shook me - it showed a total lack of dental care/hygiene. Poor thing, to have lost them all at only 5 years old.

The saying goes, you have to give to receive. Amaris learned this through this project on a 5 year old level. Remember I said she tried to give her toys? Well, it was hard for her! Here is a precious girl that received some of Ami's toys -- she wanted dress up clothes so we gave her a tote filled with Ami's dress up clothes. The yellow pom poms were included in the bunch. Ami didn't want me to give them away. Never mind that she doesn't play with them. Ever. But look what she got the very next day ---

New red ones from a friend from school! I had to include this pic when Barbara emailed me the yellow pom pom one and I had this one on my camera to match it.

Look at these sweet girls. The doll was a used donation from a cousin. Isn't her smile so worth it?
Barbara - like me, had a hard time not crying a lot during the party. We STUFFED it and tried to help everyone have a memorable Christmas party. She really bonded with the blond in the back. The girl with the red Rudolph nose -- she stands out to me. Her hair was so greasy - her corduroys were filthy. She also got a tote of Ami's dress up clothes. She LOVED them! She loved the pink stuff best, but I could tell she had this giant need for more. More everything. She popped into all the pics. She tried on all the clothes. She asked other kids for their toys. She followed me around. When I called for Martha to come help me identify her clothes (they got mixed in with 2 other tote bags worth) she bounded over saying she was Martha. I pray for this little Rebecca, that she will get that hole filled and make it in this world.

This sweet Melanie was quiet and gentle. The teacher told me she just got out of surgery for a hernia.

I'm so glad my kids were there. They passed out lunches in the beginning. They passed out totes when it was time. Ami giggled with the girls and Caidgen showed the boys how to use their remote control cars.

Class pic right after lunch and before the totes were passed out.

Some of the girls were quite taken with Blue! He was so great that day. He says this is just what he wanted for Christmas. Guess that means I don't have to get him anything else for Christmas! Here what it looked like when we walked in. Literally there was an eruption of cheers. The class was so polite towards us with their please and thank yous.

Here's me and mama-to-be Jeni just before we walked into the class. She's the brains that got the totes donated and kept the class party running smoothly. Don't let the pic fool you - Barbara made the cupcakes, not me. I stayed up coughing all the night before while I wrapped the final gifts, and showed up to the party without a voice.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

As at Hogwarts, "let the sorting begin..."

Anyone else's blog posting pics all backwards lately? I'm about ready to quit on the whole thing. I'm not going to take time to redo these pics so here's the little tale told backwards.
Jeni and Barbara came over today for several hours. Jeni got 20 tote bags donated so each child gets one. :) Inside we put a few nice used outfits, and a used toy, as well as shoes and socks. We then wrapped new toys and added those. We tied ribbons around PJs and added those. Also we wrapped new outfits and - you guessed it, added those. It's amazing what can be stuffed in those totes! These are the 7 students that are completely done -- well, except that we are tying a hair bow to each girl tote and a hot wheels toy to each boy tote.
These are the bags that are partially done but still need some new stuff. Ah, the order a few tote bags can add to a room!

This was a sampling of the piles I had going all last week in my room while I sorted through donations for the kids.

This was just the beginning - wish lists laying on my floor waiting to be bombarded with some lovin'!

Is this not a little chaotic looking? I put a list down where ever I could make a spot for it and Blue and I went to work going through donations.
A HUGE thanks to the people that have come out of the woodwork to help out. Julie in Tucson with her new baby boy - you're so sweet to take a child! And Tracy - it will be so neat to catch up with you because of this project. :)
This has been a wonderful, powerful way to serve this Christmas and keep my kids remembering others. Little Caidgen donated almost all his remote controlled cars and many other toys. Ami - well, she tried! It's made me focus on something positive every day. I think that my son watches his little family down here with a smile because those in heaven know how important it is to be connected to humanity.
I've loved getting to know people better because of this. What would I do without you, Jeni and Barb? I would be a flop (doing things like giving a boy a girl's sweater!)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Since I've Been Gone

It's been a long time since i posted. Here, in random order is what I've been up to --

We took the training wheels off Ami's bigger bike. She learned to ride on the small one but it was hard to pedal fast enough not to fall. Now she's flyin' down the street on her big bike!

I painted my nasty garage with the kids. Their "help" was a little scary! But I LOVE the 2 solid walls. (That's right, only 2 - ran out of paint!)

Happy Thanksgiving, from my little pilgrims!

I nursed my half paralized dog for a week...she was bit by a black widow and wasn't doing so hot. It's so great to have her back to normal!

I FINALLY took Caidgen's oversized, tattered douvet cover and sewed it into a twin size.

My straight line is getting straighter!

Blue and I celebrated his friend Paul's birthday with fresh lobster flown in from Maine. I was a little bit freaking out with they put the live little guys in the boiling water.

I'm so glad for the experience. It was really fun. And Paul is the greatest guy - so unique and funny.
I never could have done that on my own-- I'm glad he orchestrated the evening.

We went to the zoo for Blue's work picnic. No one told me it was Pregnant Lady Day...
In consolation, we "pet" sting rays - so cool!!!
And my favorite little guys - the otters were showing off for us.
And of course the spider monkeys are SOOO sweet--

--or not!