Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Since I've Been Gone

It's been a long time since i posted. Here, in random order is what I've been up to --

We took the training wheels off Ami's bigger bike. She learned to ride on the small one but it was hard to pedal fast enough not to fall. Now she's flyin' down the street on her big bike!

I painted my nasty garage with the kids. Their "help" was a little scary! But I LOVE the 2 solid walls. (That's right, only 2 - ran out of paint!)

Happy Thanksgiving, from my little pilgrims!

I nursed my half paralized dog for a week...she was bit by a black widow and wasn't doing so hot. It's so great to have her back to normal!

I FINALLY took Caidgen's oversized, tattered douvet cover and sewed it into a twin size.

My straight line is getting straighter!

Blue and I celebrated his friend Paul's birthday with fresh lobster flown in from Maine. I was a little bit freaking out with they put the live little guys in the boiling water.

I'm so glad for the experience. It was really fun. And Paul is the greatest guy - so unique and funny.
I never could have done that on my own-- I'm glad he orchestrated the evening.

We went to the zoo for Blue's work picnic. No one told me it was Pregnant Lady Day...
In consolation, we "pet" sting rays - so cool!!!
And my favorite little guys - the otters were showing off for us.
And of course the spider monkeys are SOOO sweet--

--or not!


Katie said...

Finally! You're back! If I hadn't gotten your text last night about the packages, I'd would have sent out the search patrol! You are a domestic queen lately - painting, sewing, zoo field trips. A girl came over and cut my hair tonight - from shoulder-blade to collar bone! Shorter than I was expecting, but still ponytail length. It reminded me of you cutting my hair in Flagstaff! :) I wonder how it'll look after my next shower. It's flat ironed right now and I feel like a pinhead!

Haught Fudge said...

Caidgen is one cool looking pilgrim!

The Durans said...

Very cute pics! Alina still can't ride without training wheels! Yes I have some baby dolls that I can donate. No kitchen stuff though. Let me know if you want them. I've gotta get rid of some toys!!!

Bri said...

So nice to hear your "voice" again. I love the pics of your kids...look at Amie's little nose freckles! They are so dang cute. We miss you! Hope we'll see you soon.

JennC said...

I've been waiting for the next installment! lol Wow, yay for Ami!! A Black Widow!!!! Scary. Glad the dog is okay. Caidgen looks like he loves his new cover on the bed. Way to go Susie Homemaker. ;o) And lastly, I LOVE that picture of you reacting to the lobsters! I would've freaked out myself. Way to be brave about it. haha

Anonymous said...

Kelly, WOW I have missed you and look at how amazing your family is!!!! I would love to catch up and help with your donation project. E-mail me so we can catch up. I'm not sure what your e-mail is. Here is mine can't wait to hear from you.


codyandkristiboretsky said...

That was such a fun post! I seriously can't get enough of Amie's big contagious grin! Love the pilgrim pic! So Anita's birthday is on Tues. Let me know if you want to go with me to drop something off ok!

laura said...

That makes me want to paint my garage. I can't believe Ami is on a big bike! I remember my parents bringing home live lobster when we were little and cooking it. We were all screaming!! Haha