Wednesday, December 10, 2008

As at Hogwarts, "let the sorting begin..."

Anyone else's blog posting pics all backwards lately? I'm about ready to quit on the whole thing. I'm not going to take time to redo these pics so here's the little tale told backwards.
Jeni and Barbara came over today for several hours. Jeni got 20 tote bags donated so each child gets one. :) Inside we put a few nice used outfits, and a used toy, as well as shoes and socks. We then wrapped new toys and added those. We tied ribbons around PJs and added those. Also we wrapped new outfits and - you guessed it, added those. It's amazing what can be stuffed in those totes! These are the 7 students that are completely done -- well, except that we are tying a hair bow to each girl tote and a hot wheels toy to each boy tote.
These are the bags that are partially done but still need some new stuff. Ah, the order a few tote bags can add to a room!

This was a sampling of the piles I had going all last week in my room while I sorted through donations for the kids.

This was just the beginning - wish lists laying on my floor waiting to be bombarded with some lovin'!

Is this not a little chaotic looking? I put a list down where ever I could make a spot for it and Blue and I went to work going through donations.
A HUGE thanks to the people that have come out of the woodwork to help out. Julie in Tucson with her new baby boy - you're so sweet to take a child! And Tracy - it will be so neat to catch up with you because of this project. :)
This has been a wonderful, powerful way to serve this Christmas and keep my kids remembering others. Little Caidgen donated almost all his remote controlled cars and many other toys. Ami - well, she tried! It's made me focus on something positive every day. I think that my son watches his little family down here with a smile because those in heaven know how important it is to be connected to humanity.
I've loved getting to know people better because of this. What would I do without you, Jeni and Barb? I would be a flop (doing things like giving a boy a girl's sweater!)


S. and A. Millar said...

What a nice thing you are doing! Thanks for the congats. Yeah I've been really sick! No fun! I'm not really hopeing either way as to what we have, I'd be happy with what ever comes. Tricia isn't delivering me, she's not doing family any more, which I'm sad about, I love having her as my Dr. I'm going to a Dr in Flag. What do you need still for your donation thing. I'm not really able to get off the couch these days, but mabe I could find something to send to help. let me know.

Kaitlin Hakes said...

Wow what an amazing thing you are doing! I'm am so impressed. I wish I were there and could help you! I have the same problem when I post something I have to rearrange all the pictures.

laura said...

The Polar Express looks so fun! I would love to go next year and keep the tradition going. Way to go on all the service!! That is so neat

Sara Schletter said...

You are crazy to think and do something like this, but oh how you are blest for doing something like this. I am amazed by what you accomplish. Let me know if I could come help. Ive been pretty crazy, but now its all calmed down.

Danielson Family said...

Kelly - you have such a servants heart! Way to go! I am going to send you an email with my phone number - I want to give you something so please give me a call!