Monday, August 25, 2008

37 weeks

Ami took this photo for me since Blue's not home at night anymore. I've been so bad about documenting this pregnancy... so here's a 37 week pic for my records! The baby's already dropped so it's probably not as good of a "big" pic as 2 weeks ago would have been. My heart burn is not complaining.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The baby shower Jeni threw me 8/16

That's right, the shower I was nervous about finally came and went...
I was only nervous because I hate being the center of attention and it's hard not to be at your own Big Belly shower. People paid quite little attention to me though, to my pleasant surprise.
Here I am opening gifts - IE - sweating like a roasting pig and trying to mask that the baby was shoving his feet into my stomach... I was overwhelmed by everyones generosity and thoughtfulness. This scraggler child (he's 5 years behind my last) is loved. :)This is my soon to be step sister in law( I think that's what she will be when she marries Kai, my step brother). She's a quiet one but I'm beginning to suspect her love language is gifts because WOW, look at all her effort in this diaper cake gift! She's got some sick talent. And I LOVE the toy attachments. They have little Velcro wrist thingies that attach to the babies wrists or ankles. That way, as he's spastically shaking - as we've all witnessed babies do, he gets stimulated and entertained. Where were these toys 5 years ago??? Oh right, probably in Target (where I registered for them last month) but I wouldn't have known that since back then I only shopped in second hand stores...
Yeah for a family pic. Laura is smokin' hot here. wow. I really DIDN'T want a pic next to these lovely ladies in my hot and bloated state, but, alas, reality is real so there's no sense in hiding things. Good thing is, my looks aren't high priority these days. It's just not in the nesting part of pregnancy. I'm more in the race to break weight gain records phase...
Oh my gosh -- how CUTE can 2 girls be!!! Ami's plastic wrap there was actually a sash that Jeni gave her that said big sister. It was such a sweet touch. Who's Jeni? She's the amazing friend that started and finished the whole shower. The one I see more than anyone yet have NO pics of - not even from the shower! We both love scrapbooking yet take NO pics when we're together....sad sad truth. Anyway, look at Tylie. She's SO stinkin cute, even if she does favor her daddy. I told her I really liked her dress and she looked right into my eyes and said, "Thank you." Very calm and grown up like. I was jaw dropped. She's really growing up. Then her aunt Jen, who was also law dropped said, "Do you want food Tylie?" Tylie said, "No," still quite seriously. Aunt Jen said, "Really? I know you want food." And Tylie busts out grinning with a "YEEESSS!" I'm still freaking with the knowledge that my tiny niece is already a prankster. If we were medieval I would think she might possess witch powers because she's way too young for all this pranking.
Barbera and Becky - my mommy friends from Leading Edge Academy. I love these women. Thanks for picking up the kids today, BTW, Barb, while my doctor was putting her hand in places it just shouldn't go.
Bri and her darling Gracyln. Bri and I have been friends since jr high. She rocks and I am thrilled to have a baby with her baby. I truly hope they get to have a special little friendship growing up. Bri and her mom bought me the SAME gift - a baby einstein toy that attaches to the car seat handle. Is that weird or what? Those two women share one mind I guess.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Vampire Book

Can I just take a moment to say - though my eyes are burning and every muscle in my body screams for me to be unconscious right now - how ANNOYING Breaking Dawn is? All you fans who give it 5 stars, shame on you. Shame shame.

Now, I'm only half way through it so maybe Mrs. Myers will surprise me and a repentant post will follow this. But for now I am just thankful that I'm not still in my 1st trimester. If I was there would be some constant PUKING right about now.
If you haven't read the book yet and still plan to, don't read on. This is a spoiler for sure --
then again it's all so obvious that if you just sit and think for a moment you will know what's coming before you waste hours reading about it.
So, from the moment Myers came up with the fabulous "Imprinting" I have been pissed. It's just the most convenient way to get rid of the Jacob problem that has arisen. I was so mad at her introduction to it that even Blue knows all about it. Thankfully, it didn't happen in the 2nd book. No, she drug it out a bit longer - but come on!!! She makes everything so obvious - setting up an imprinting example with a baby, having Jacob suddenly progress in his desperation so that he WANTS to imprint, telling us over and over that Bella's baby is a boy which just makes me think - oh, it's a girl and Jacob's going to imprint on her.
Even the whole introduction to her pregnancy was so obvious - I was like, "How many times do I have to read about Bella eating man sized portions of eggs before the author is just going to come out and say that she's knocked up?" She drives me nuts! Great story idea, but seriously, did the author learn anything about writing novels at BYU?
While I'm at it I will also say that it's been annoying in this last book that Bella suddenly has this tribal wisdom thing going on, telling Jacob how they are meant to be in each other's lives, how fate is in control here and something good and neatly packaged will come of all their suffering. Again, it's a lame way that the author is spoon feeding us her plot. If you insist on spoon feeding me, do it in all 3 books - don't just make Bella suddenly sagey and cosmically aware in the last book. I want to spit at the book every time I read that crap - and it's not even my book to spit at.
My last complaint for now, promise. I know no one likes a bitcher or mood killer. I felt this way all through the 2nd book and it stands now - why can everyone so deeply love a heroin who is so weak and passive 90% of the time? Here's my imitation of Stephanie Myers sitting down to write:
"Hm, what scene should I write today? Bella being led through the forest by Edward? Bella being told what to do by Edward? Bella being told what to drive by Edward? Maybe change it up a bit - Edward pushing Bella through a public place by the small of her back? Edward pulling Bella out of one building and into another one? Yes, that's it! No one will see that coming..."
Puke puke puke.
And shame shame shame on me for continuing to read this stupid crap.
Let me take a wild guess - the half vampire half human baby will unite the wear wolves and vampires and bring some sort of truce to the world. The Volturi will be in for quite a surprise when they come to fight and Jacob's got their back. Jacob's pain will be released into the Seattle clouds, shrouded now by a new joy and love he's never felt before. He and Bella will truly feel the BFF comradery without jealousy or bitterness. And at the end we will hear Aerial singing, ah ah ah... as Bella and Edward passionately make out with their new hot vampire bods. In a hot rich vampire car.
Really people, we need to raise our standards!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1st Day of SCHOOL!!!!

I was SO thrilled for the kids! Caidgen was so confident and excited about getting back to school with the same great teacher and friends. And Ami - wow, she was just as confident! I swear she already knew it was HER school from being there so much last year. She woke up early and hugged her dad shyly - - "it's my school day today." HOW blessed do I feel that Blue was there not only for Caid's first day, but now for her's also? I thought last year was a little side blessing from him being in school. But here we are again and dad got to go with us to the first day. It means a lot to him and a TON to us. I feel like the Lord really gives me the little gifts that mean the most to me.

Ilove my poser! SO many little kids were crying in her class and she was saying, " Are we starting yet? When are we starting?" Blue and I watched the teacher lead the class in from the playground - all 25 kids sober and quiet. Some crying. A few trembling. And one little red head not even IN the line, but out of it walking right next to some new girl, waving her hands animatedly as she talked to her. Blue and I looked at each other and laughed. Blue said, "should we just make an appointment with the principal now? I know we'll be seeing him this year."

Just because Ami did not cry didn't mean there were no tears. I was a wreck! I was so emotional - just SO happy for Ami that HER day came. As Goonies put it, "It's OUR TIME." She had always wanted to have that special school thing that Caidgen loves so much and there she was, all dressed and ready to go with her little name tag on her table and everything.

Caidgen still threw his arms around me when I picked him up from school, yesterday and today. Thank goodness he's still excited to see me and share his day. I will be sad when that ends. Not expecting it or allowing that to be any time soon. :)

Going brown...

So I finally dyed my hair brown - been wanting to do it for months. I was going to wait until I had the baby so I didn't have dark hair draped over a fat face. Oh well. Got sick of waiting... So I went to Jen's since she's in beauty school. I wanted her to mix and apply the color so she would get the practice and confidence. Cathy - I think secretly knowing how LONG Jen can take since she's a perfectionist volunteered to help too. She even gave me her COLORING MOO MOO!!! Ah! I was laughing so hard - so surreal to be in my mother in law's moo moo...look how huge I am in it! I know I've gained 30 lbs but, man, those babies don't do any figure any good! So Cathy's in my coloring apron and I'm in her moo moo...
Jen took FOREVER on her side. Her mom was whooping her even. I was afraid my head would be black before she was done! But she's a detail person and she did great. We had a good time that day.

More Pics from Ami's party

Thanks for the pics, Barb! Look at all those snow whites...