Monday, November 17, 2008

"Family Give Away" Donations

These pictures really don't do justice to our donation last Friday to the Tempe School for homeless kids. My car was FILLED with really nice used clothes, donated by me, Janyce Harris, Jamie Lucas and Krista Breinholt. Kari Stock pitched in quite a few diapers to top it all off. My HUGE hugs and thanks to you, ladies! I was in awe of your generosity. It was neat to see your unique personalities as I sorted through the donations. Like when I came across the new Converse shoes in Jamie's bags: I can just see your kids running around at the Haught's in their cute Tilly's style clothing and Converse shoes! Those shoes are going to make great gifts for the Kindergartners, BTW. And the hair bows - how cute will it be to tie them to the outside of the wrapped Christmas gifts? Boys will get a hot wheels car tied to their gift so no one is left out. :)
Back to the pics - I made the mistake of not photographing all the donations until I got there. It was a challenge to get some snap shots to show you all without making a fool of myself. I didn't want to come across as some self righteous Scottsdale looking girl photographing her good works! Or worse, exploiting the kids. So when the amazing, sweet, tiny little figure of a lady, Sylvia, was out of sight I'd grab the camera and take a quick shot! What a dork.
She was so grateful. Really excited about everything. When I made sure diapers were appropriate she nodded emphatically and told me they have "lots of mammas," at the school.
I took everything around the side of the school to a designated spot for donations. Sylvia and I took the 20 something bags into a relatively small room - her room. She's got everything in there organized - boys and girls clothes ranging in size for Kindergartners all the way to adults. I was very impressed with the wall of sliding shelves that are photographed above.
I dropped off the stuff on Friday afternoon. Saturday morning Sylvia told me she would lay it all out on tables just outside her door. Families would bring their own bags and "shop" for whatever they needed. She estimated that we gave at least $600.00 worth of stuff.
So thank you!
The Christmas Donations for the Kindergarten class will be even better. :)


laura said...

Way to go! That is awesome all the stuff you were able to gather together. 20 bags!? Wow! I love the story about your little nose picker. I don't think you need to worry about him too much in class, he is one smart cookie! I still remember when he figured out how to use the microwave to pop popcorn just by watching you. I have no idea how old he was, but it amazed me! I would have wanted to scold my kid to, but you did the right thing.

Alex and Ashleigh said...

Kelly, you are an amazing woman!

The Durans said...

Hi! I'm Alina's mom from Caidgen's class! Ana (AKA Annie). It looks like you guys did a great job already. Looking at your blog made me want to start one of my own! You guys are such a cute and strong family! I have quite a few things I could donate from my girls. Too many things!!! Just let me know what to do. Thanks!

Bri said...

Awesome! Amazing! What a great idea you had.
Sylvia is the kind of focused woman I aspire to be. Sigh. Maybe some day.