Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Halloween

Yes, that's a deer on the corner of Ellsworth and Riggs. Blue spotted it on our way to get the kids from school! So out of place. So ironic. So the perfect analogy for our little town.
Me and Ami were witches. It was really touching that when I told her I was going to be a witch she suddenly cared nothing for Ariel and wanted to be a witch.

Caidgen was the coolest Ironman on the streets, thanks to his dad drawing the perfect goat tee on him and adding the LED lights in all the right places.

This was a holiday of requirement. Usually one of my favorites, this year I didn't want to leave bed. First I saw a baby that was in the womb with her mother when Jackson was with me. Then I was reminded that it would have been Jackson's first Halloween.
It was just a shitty day. But the kids were so excited about it all, so off we went, all over Chandler. :)


laura said...

I can't believe Ami likes to hike her undies up! How can that be comfortable? Our daughters are very alike. Cannot figure them out! Good news, Tylie has pooped three days in a row. It was the greatest birthday present ever. Caidgen is the best Ironman. I saw a lot this year but none as good as him. I am sorry Halloween wasn't that great for you. I know the holidays will be hard. I pray that it will get easier day by day!

Haught Fudge said...

You guys are such a great family. Caidgen looks awesome!

Katie said...

Ok, so was Blue on his way to work when you took the family picture!?!?! If not, I think he needs to dress up again this weekend in a real costume! Where'd you get your stripped tights?