Friday, November 7, 2008


Tempe Campus
1938 E Apache Blvd
Tempe Az

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who've jumped on board with my family for the Children First Academy Christmas project.

I've got the project narrowed down now. We are sponsoring a kindergarten class. I haven't been told yet how many kids there are or their sexes, but Pat, the coordinator will update me soon. Just check back here for updates. We do know that everything needs to be ready before December 15.
I'm a little nervous, overwhelmed at the responsibility for blessing a whole classroom. My mom's work does this every year -to a poor school in Queen Creek actually- and they put a lot of money into it. But I know more than half the people on this blog are bargain shoppers or super talented launderers so we can do this!!!

For those of you who have clothes and toys to donate that you feel are too big for kindergartners, there is a Family Giveaway next Saturday, November 15. We just need to get the stuff down there before then. If you can bag the clothes in similar sizes it would be SO helpful, as the donations coordinator is the ONLY WOMAN who sets it all up. Wow, props to Sylvia. I would be happy to pick up your stuff if you don't want to take it all the way to Phoenix. Just leave me your email so I can get your phone number for directions.I plan on taking the stuff down there next Thursday.

I'm excited for this project!


Lauren Porter said...

Props to you Kelly! I wish I had things old enough for someone in kindergarten but once you get the list I will do a little shopping!!

Katie said...

Kel, do you mind if I copy your post to my blog to help spread the word a little farther? I am going to get some items shipped to you by the December deadline...don't think I'll make the Nov 14 cutoff! Love ya!

Bri said...

What a cool thing, Kelly. I had heard rumors of this school, but I've never seen it. I wish we could afford to contribute something new, but it's not to be this year. I don't think I have anything appropriate for kindergarten aged children, although I will go through my "toy store" (aka stocking stuffers from Dad) and see if there's something fun.

Melinda said...

Kelly, I've got a few bags in the garage with toys we cleaned out from our toy room. I threw away the broken or unusable ones, but some of these are definately used. Are you interested in them? If you would like to come by my house and take some of them you are welcome. We cleaned out the toy room because my sister-in-law is donating some of her toys to a woman's shelter-- but I think there's enough of our toys to go to both (the shelter could probably take all the toys that are for kids a little younger than kindergarten). Let me know.