Friday, July 23, 2010

My Kids

My daughter with her grandpa, who's been watching the kids all week

First hold


I feel like I just had my baby yesterday. Literally. It's been like one long day of caring for him. My husband says it feels like weeks and weeks ago.
Do you know where my kids are right now? At their regular summer movie fun movie that we go to every Friday. My sweet sister in law picked them up and took them. I am so thrilled that they're doing something they normally do.
I was discharged the Sunday after we had Trey but haven't been home yet. He's got his own room and I stay in there with him. I don't plan on going home till he goes with me. The doctor just checked on him (all's normal) and he told me to go home... I don't think he knows what it's like to go home without your baby, I''ve been through that hell twice. Knowing they were still at the hospital - in a fridgerated morgue. Even though this is different, I cannot bring myself to go home without him. I refuse to make another memory even remotely close to those terrible ones.
Not too mention that we live over an hour from Phoenix Children's.
My kids have been staying with their grandparents, and loving it. I'm SO thankful that has worked out.  They've done a great job at keeping them occupied and filling in for me! I don't know if they will want to come home with me when the time comes!
The kids loved getting to hold Trey a few days ago. It was just for a minute, but it did a world of good for them. They had not been allowed to see him for the first 4 days he was born. My son had a runny nose so they were banned from the NICU. When they saw him first, looking into his isolet, my son was in awe. My daughter, not as much. She seemed really guarded. I think she thought we were keeping some secret from her about him being sick. Or maybe she was just waiting for him to die...Anyway, it was a little sad for me. I felt for her. I know this must all be stressful and bring back a lot of bad memories. 
My son though, was ready to embrace him. He insists that he looks like his cousin Tylie. I said, "son, he looks like YOU did as a baby." He thought about it a minute and said, "Well then, I guess I look like Tylie." I don't think her parents would agree, but he's sticking to his story.
The second time the kids saw Trey is when they held him. As my step dad said, "It all changes when they come out of the box." It was so wonderful to give that to them. SO different than in the past. So different. 
Blue went home once with the kids, so they could sleep in their own beds and give their grandparents a little break. He packed up some stuff to bring me. My daughter helped him. He told her to pick out a light jacket for me. She said, "Daddy! Why would Mommy need a life jacket in the hospital?" I loved it.
She also found me a scrunchy. Blue was not sure if that's what it really was ( I love that he's still cluelessly male after being together over 10 years). My daughter insisted, "Dad, I know what a scrunchy is. I have lots of them." She got me exactly what I wanted.
BTW, yesterday (Thursday the 22) Trey broke into the 4lbs mark! He was exactly 4 lbs.


audra said...

Sounds like this little boy may just go home soon! Great news that he keeps thriving without any infections! I think the lack of tubes and needles keep him safe from a lot of trauma and germs. Great news, loving all your recent posts and so completely happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

The smiles on Caidgen and Ami's faces made me cry. I am so happy for all of you but the look of joy and relief on their faces in priceless. They are going to be such good siblings. You will have more help than you will ever need. Take care of yourself and you little one. I can't wait to meet him.

God Bless,

Bri said...

Kelly, I will never ever take the miracle of a healthy baby for granted again. I am so relieved for Caidgen and Ami. What joy they have ahead of them! I think it is incredible that you're able to stay with Trey in his room. What a huge deal, to not HAVE to go home without your baby. Happy 4 pounds, Trey!

Pam said...

4#...HOORAY!! It is wonderful that you are able to stay in his room with him; I was wondering how you guys were pulling off the family juggle. Grandpa to the rescue! I LOVE the pictures of the kids with normal life coming up here, soon. Words can't say just how happy your post made us all tonight.

Jeni said...

He definitely is a miracle baby :) 4lbs already! yay! The rate he's going he may be bigger than Ami was by her bday. So glad you are giving so many updates, I was checking up on your blog on our looong drive home yesterday. So glad you get to stay in the room with him :) Oh and if you need me to watch the kiddos just let me know :) I'll probably give you a call tomorrow.

Zel. said...

So Glad that things are going good. Loved the pics with the kids holding Trey, what a blessing for them and something they needed.

Naomi H said...

4 lbs! Yay! I love the pics:) I really miss all of you...