Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Going Home

13 days old, or 35wks, 1day

Guess who's going home today? We are! If Trey passes his car seat test, that is. As long as he can sit in a car seat for an hour and a half and not lose his open airway, we are outta here!
They have been absolutely wonderful. I feel like he's totally safe here. So I will miss that. But my kids REALLY need me to come home and live a normal life. My daughter especially.
My son is less upset over my two weeks here. He told me last night that, "having a baby rocks!" I asked why. He said, "Because not only do you get a new brother or sister, but you get to go to a bunch of people's houses!"
And while I am in a laughing mood - the other night my milk makers were really engorged. I told my husband, "Look at this. Some people pay like $6,000 for this."
He quickly replied, "Yeah, and we paid $40,000!" (Our insurance isn't that great unless we go to one of my husband's hospitals.) He's funny even sleep deprived.
My mom even cracked some funny jokes here (which is not nice since my abs have been spliced open), but they are a little too not nice to share! Silly mom.
PS - Trey's 4lbs 5oz now, and he has a little double chin. When did that pop up? I've been here the whole time and it grew before my eyes.


audra said...

What great news, congratulations!

Jill and Cameron said...

Congrats!! We'll keep our fingers crossed he passes his car seat test and all will be well for him from here on out!

Alicia said...

That is such good news!! I am so excited for you. All the prayers have been working !!

The Porter's said...

This is such exciting news. we are so happy your family has a healthy baby. Enjoy him!

Mindy said...

YEA! That is crazy good news!

JennC said...

That's the power of mommy milk, baby! It has the super power of making double chins and tiny rolls! LOL

Glad he's maybe going home today! How exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!!!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Stock Family said...

Such good news! Congrats! Daisy weighed exactly the same when she came home and looking at Trey in that carseat makes me smile, remembering how small Daisy was. I am so happy for your family to have a baby in your home!