Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

***This is my journal entry, so if you're not interested in the whole thing, no worries!

May 11, 2008
Being married to Blue means I can always expect a great mother’s day. It makes me a little uncomfortable even, all the attention. But I woke up to an empty bed and the smell of some major cooking so I knew it was coming. Just as I started to descend the stairs I heard Blue tell the kids, “It’s all ready now. Caidgen, you take that. Amie, you get that. Caidgen, it’s your job to make sure the dog stays downstairs. Okay, come on…” I tippy toed back into bed to fake a surprise. Come on! I’m terrible with these situations! There is nothing of fakeness in me. But I tried for the kid’s sake to act surprised when they open the door squealing, “Happy Mother’s Day!”
Blue did surprise me this time, actually. A real bed tray. New dishes holding the spread of a wonderful breakfast. Even his egg concoction was new. I love that there is always a New Orleans flare to his cooking. I loved the OJ – a simple and predictable breakfast juice, but for people with low blood sugar it’s like nectar from the gods. I loved the moist muffin and the fresh berry mix. I loved that the rose was huge and had babies breath with it ( I meant to put some in Amie’s hair for church but forgot). What I love the most is how happy the kids are to give gifts. They are typical children who would get a new toy every day if I let them, but I catch moments of their generosity and feel in those times that we are raising them right.
For example, Amie thought I didn’t get any real gifts because in my gorgeous bag were 3 small gift certificates. THREE? A little much, Blue, don’t you think? I got a spa pedi, a facial and a pregnancy massage – all within minutes of my house. And as if that was just not enough he assured me he would give me tip money and meet me for lunch on that day. It really embarrasses me. But after 7 years I am getting that he dreams even bigger than he can give and it’s just not going to change. That’s off the subject though… So I was thrilled with everything but Amie was a little worried. Never mind that she was there when all the certificates were purchased and Blue explained what they were for. She HAD to go get me a cute pillow. “Here, Mommy, since you didn’t get any presents in your bag.” She tucked it behind my head. Then she HAD to get me a teddy bear and a two-textured blanket. After snuggling up with me she explained how the satin side is for me to rub when I’m hot (she’s hot blooded like her dad, just trying to survive in this desert).
All this hoopla got Caidgen a little worried and before too long I had another bear wrapped in a special blanket (Caidgen PINNED his bear to the blanket so it would stay wrapped nicely for me). I love seeing the uniqueness of the kids come through in their giving. Isn’t that perfect? The Lord wants us all to give and serve others but he makes us unique and we should give/serve in ways that are natural to us.
So today was nice. Blue covered the house stuff – well, he tried, but it’s hard when you’re not home! We had church and then went straight to his Mom’s for dinner. He felt bad that I couldn’t “lounge around all day,” but I was happy to see Cathy and hopefully express our love to her. And I was happily surprised to see Laura’s family too. Tylie was precious and happy all night. Butch even made me smile by cooking for us. This was a rare moment for him and everyone gushed about it. Grandma hakes even stayed a while with us and I was grateful that with her huge family she made time for us. Excellent food and company.
I want to remember too, how much I enjoyed teaching my lesson. I veered from the manual and did the whole thing on mothers. That’s one thing I bring with me from my Protestant days. Holidays were really recognized at church and I haven’t really experienced that here. So while the kids may have been just heartbroken not to learn about “I’m Thankful for My Hands,” they heard all about how the Lord loves Mothers and loves them by giving them mothers. I really felt the Spirit. Caidgen helped me plan the crafts and I could tell he really wanted to come. Since there were a lot of markers and glue and paint and stamping I thought he could be a great little helper to Tracy and I… so in he came. I hope Tracy wasn’t overwhelmed with the mess potential! We kept it really calm and I even had foamy soap ready to go.
I’m so proud of Blue for taking his teaching job seriously. He has a real problem boy and 12 other rambunctious 11 and 12 year olds to connect with. All I have heard about the “problem child” is basically gossip…scary gossip. After his 1st time with him, Blue came home and said, “I think I know how to reach him.” I knew right then that it was going to be a good year for both Blue and this kid. That’s what makes a good teacher – watching the unique quirks of a child and learning how to connect. I was so proud of Blue because in my eyes it’s a mark of compassion and strength to help and not just complain about hard personalities.
It’s been a month since that day. Today the boy told Blue, “You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had.” He also left his comic books at home today – Blue and I and I’m sure the boy too all know that this is a big step forward. It makes me smile to remember and write about it.


Taylor and Stephanie Haught said...

I must just be a huge ball of hormones because I was crying all the way through your post. Mothers definitely need to be remembered and talked about. Looks like you had a perfect day, wish we could have shared it with you!

S & A Millar said...

Happy mothers day, a few days late;) It sounds like you had a great day, full of suprises! We are so blessed to be mothers arn't we? What age do you teach? Blue has always beena a good example of compassion! Theres no better feeling than that of conecting with a child, and knowing you made a differance!