Monday, May 12, 2008

Amie Graduated Preschool May 7, 08

It was so fun! Never more than 6 kids in the class that was 2 days a week. Amie learned so much. There was never a day that she didn't look forward to preschool. But, all school years end and last Wed the 7th was her official last day of preschool.

Since the last week of preschool was taught at my house the "ceremony" fell to me. It was more like, I felt we had to do something so we threw it together with 1 days practice. I had the girls make their own books with a thank you to the moms on the front. Inside were some of the things they learned this year. It was a lot of work for 1 day! The poor girls just wanted to play... but we rushed that and then did a practice ceremony with the Pledge of allegiance and a few songs that showed their alphabet and numbers knowledge. Then they presented their moms with the books (Amie and I pretended I was surprised to get hers). Then we headed to the park for the party. A big thanks to Abby's mom for the pink cupcakes. :)

the coolest part - Caidgen and Blue both got to be there! Blue just switched to 10 hour shifts and he has Wednesdays off so he got to see his little girl perform. And there was a HUGE incinerating car accident right in front of caidgen's school the night before and his school was closed wed. What are the chances? It was the only school closure all year and it happened to be on Blue's day home. It was like a Saturday for us!

So I took Caidgen to the park with us. This is him running beside the car ---he insisted on running! I think it's so funny!


Taylor and Stephanie Haught said...

Congratulations Ami!! I am so excited for the kids to be done with school! I am really looking forward to them being home with me!

S & A Millar said...

Yay for Ami! Next stop Kindergarten! What a fun mommy you are, you have fun ideas!