Friday, May 2, 2008

Field Day April 25

Field Day at Caid's school! Blue loves to run with Caidgen so he was really bummed that he couldn't go. He told Caidgen this so Caidgen insisted that I video tape it so he could show his dad. "Dad really wants to see me, Mom. You better bring the camera." It was all serious business with him. He did a lot more than run though - chicken tosses and cherry pickers and relay races... all kinds of stuff. It was really fun. And at the assembly at the end of the day, Caidgen ended up with a 2nd place ribbon. :) It means a lot. Point of example - today he was back at school after a week of stomach flu. I picked him up and he said, "I'm sure glad I got 2nd place. That's really good."
"What do you mean, Caidgen?"
"Well, I was really tired today and I remembered that I had to run really hard to get second place so I didn't slow down today."
wow. That was more than I ever expected him to take from the little Field Day ribbon.

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