Thursday, May 22, 2008

Awards Day at school

This is why I haven't been doing much on the computer - busy times at the end of the year!!! Caidgen had his classroom awards day last week. He got an award for "Creativity and Cleverness." Isn't that funny? His teacher said she thinks she will see his stuff in an art museum someday. Only two kids in the class got two awards and, yes, I am bragging that Caidgen was one of them. He also won Artist of the Year from the Art teacher! That's a big deal for a kindergartner. We are so glad that his school has seen and helped developed this love in Caidgen. We would have never my kid had a BLAST at As You Wish and said it was the best day of his life....So he brings home finger paintings with's all normal little one behavior we thought. It was the words "still life" and "Picasso" and "Mona Lisa" coming out of his mouth that made me think he was paying more attention than the other kids in class... and then his art teacher told me he's really gifted. So did his teacher and the aide. Who knew. Blue's done amazing at embracing it. I worried at first about telling him since his family are sports Nazis. But Blue said if he's got a gift, let's go with it. :) He's a good daddy.

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S & A Millar said...

Good Job Caidgen! It would be cool if you could some how make a post of some of his art, so we can see it!