Thursday, May 8, 2008

Look what the Chinese Invented!

Last Friday was multicultural day at cage's school. His teacher and I picked China as the country to host... I wanted to do a table since I'm the class mom and Mrs. D was really stressing out about it. Of course I didn't plan for my whole family to have a week of the stomach flu and me to get the nausea of it ON Friday, and of course I also overlooked that my mother was getting married the NEXT day! Blue helped me throw toilet paper (that's right - they invented it), a wheelbarrow, a rocket (Cage was so proud to show his buddies his rocket), matches, compasses, a kite and other silly inventions in a bag and I dragged myself to his class before school started. I'm proud to say our little kindergarten room kicked butt on all the others! We have great moms. The kids all got passports and had to go room to room and do an activity in each room in order to get a stamp. Amie was so bummed I couldn't lead a group...but I was seriously needing a bed. My only regret is that a boy was mean to Ami and I didn't kick his little &$$ can see her sitting with the kids. Well, she loves to be big in Cage's class and we are there so much that the teacher lets her. She found a spot at the front of the group and a boy yelled at her rudely (as kindys do), "YOU can't sit there!" I quickly helped her to another spot rather than reprimand the boy since she's not in his class....But in all the bustle I didn't notice that Ami stopped bustling. She didn't speak until we left. She was so hurt. I overlooked it since she is not one to usually care what people say. But now I wish I had told him to speak kindly and had him say it over in a nicer way. That or pushed him down and called him names! I told Ami that and she was all better. :)


Taylor and Stephanie Haught said...

Ah! So rude of that little boy! If I would have heard it I would have kicked his butt.

kati said...

Cute blog! That's awesome you're having a little boy! Merrick and him can be friends... :)