Friday, May 2, 2008

AFTER Field Day

So my Friend Barbara and I took the kids to the Olive Mill after Field Day for lunch. I feel so lucky to have this amazing Italian Restaurant so close. There are beautiful fields and stone tables with umbrellas to eat under. We can sit and enjoy the breeze while the kids run and play in Olive trees. It beats McDonalds any day. A definite benefit of living in QC.
But this was the first day there was irrigation in the fields. Barbara and I both agree that it's okay for our kids to get their feet wet...what we didn't know was that under this huge tree they were playing under was at least an 8 foot circumference of deep muddy water...
Caidgen - the boy of the group of course found the mud and began to throw it at the kids. I looked up from my pasta salad to glimpse little Ami's white shirt suddenly brown spotted...I sprang into action but it was far too late. In the end all we could do was laugh and hunt in vain for Amie's flip flop that was drowned in the mud. We snuck our kids out through a back way so none of the hoity toitys would see them. Blue says he did such things a lot growing up. I'm glad I can give that to the kids even though we don't live on a lot of land!


Sara Schletter said...

I love it when children go crazy like that. When i got home tonite my children were muddy because my dad was watering the back yard. YEA for me and the ride home in our little car.

laura said...

Haha! That is so funny! The things we will do for our kids to get dirty since no houses have big yards anymore!!