Thursday, May 22, 2008

A busy Saturday...

Ami had her last "practice recital." The big show is in June. She knows one of the dances really well and the other - not so much. Or so I thought!

What a ham. As soon as it's showtime the girl just shines. There are a few girls that really know their stuff, but all I could see in the performance was Ami's big exaggerated movements and her flashy smile. She did every move - moves that she never does in practice. Go girl!!!

I was really thankful that my mom and the new "Grandpa Ross" took their whole day to come to Ami's recital and Caidgen's last game.

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S & A Millar said...

I love the big pink bow in Ami's hair, it's cute! I can't believe she will be in Kindergarden next year, time goes to quickly! I too like having the space between the kids, it just seems as though you get to enjoy them more! Do you have any names picked out for your new little one?