Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thinking of You

Yesterday we were down for the loss of a family member's babies - miscarried at 7 weeks.  We are thinking of you and your family, remembering that they are all a part of it, even at young, young ages.
I also received a call from a tear-filled friend in Colorado, wanting to know how to help her employee that just had to deliver a full term still born baby that day. I was so sad that this woman was just starting the road that I have been on now for over a year... I know what she must be experiencing, starting with the surrealness of physically delivering a baby you will only get to hold a few hours, then never see again in that form in this life.
I'm worrying for a friend in Canada who I haven't heard from in a while who's pregnant, after losing her first to a cord accident, then miscarrying multiple times after.
The world does not know the secret mourning in the hearts of parents, instinctively longing for their children but forced to let them go. I love you all, in all your unique situations. I'm hoping the future will be easier for our young mothers coming up after us.

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Cindy said...

The pain of hearing of others losing thei baby's tragically is just undescribable. I wish that no one ever has to know this pain. I'm so sorry to hear of your friends losses. Wishing them all the love and support in the world