Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I read this on a stillbirth website...I keep thinking of her because I too was told "lightning doesn't strike twice" and it did.

I have had two stillbirths. On June 4th, 2008 at 34 weeks pregnant, I stopped feeling Jake move. I went right to the hospital, and I was told that the baby i was so excited to meet , and love, had passed away. He was delivered on June 5th 2008, 6lbs 4 oz.. absolutley beautiful. It was the most devasting day of my life. I was told that an autopsy would most likely show nothing, and that it was a fluke.. My three year old son was so confused, asking where his brother was , and why wasnt he coming home. I was told to heal emotionally and physically and try again... "lightining doesnt strike twice"... Well it did.. 7 months later i was pregnant with Lucas.. until 32 weeks, when i woke up and he wasnt moving . I went to the hospital to relive my nightmare all over again... The same Dr. in the same room, had told me that Lucas had passed away. On Aug. 25th 2009 i delivered baby Lucas.. who loked just like his big brother Jake.. Why do we not see this on a baby story, why are we not prepared for somthing that happens so often.. somtimes more than once to the same person. This needs to be a topic that is discussed. Also, just so you know.. itching during pregnancy is normal, but severe icthing on your body where you make yourself bleed is not.. it is a sign of cholestasis which causes stillbirth... noone took my symptoms seriously and because of that i have lost two angels. In memory of Jake and Lucas xoxo I should have 3 kids in my house right now.. one simple blood test could have saved my sons lives.

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Nuestra Familia said...

Hi Kelly, this is Ale. I had read awhile back that you guys are expecting but never wrote a comment because I didn't read all of your posts. I just wanted to say Congratulations!! that's awesome you felt like baking a cake at 24 wks. I think I'm 24 wks right now. Keep posting! love ya:)