Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

This can be a wonderfully, terrible time for us mamas with babies on the other side. I'm thinking of all my friends who will have secretly heavy hearts like I will.
I am also thinking of my mother in law, who is with my kids, and how much I hate not shopping for her, and how much I hate that her mom is here without her baby, to share the day with.
So, here is a little humor for us all --
I asked my daughter yesterday while doing her hair for school what kind of mom would she be if she was a mom...I was wondering if she'd do her girl's hair, since she hates me doing hers. I wondered if she'd want to work, or if she'd tell her kids lots of jokes and take them swimming a lot...

she said,
"Um...a Mexican mom."

Ok! I can't really compete with that, although I did grow up on the south side of Tucson so maybe that will add a teensy bit of "Mexican Mom" to my mothering. :)

Well honey, I hope you get your wish of growing up and being a Mexican Mom. :)

Oh! And not to withhold any of my son's humor from you on this hard weekend - he's a sober, thoughtful child who has recently discovered jokes. He made one up this week - also in the morning while getting ready for school.
An Unwritten Novel called Being Prepared,
by Justin Case

And a final one by my husband to make the kids laugh -
What did the Mother Bullet say to the Father Bullet?
Congratulations, honey! We're gonna have a B.B.!

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Bri said...

Hey, Ami! We have the same dream! Seriously, there are so many things to admire about Mexican moms, I think. I love the clever. I need to learn some clean jokes for my kid's future brain development!