Tuesday, July 8, 2008


let's see...I'm tired but might as well update a tiny bit.
My car got slammed into last week at a Serrano's parking lot. Nice loser just left...

That SAME day at Hamilton pool men STARED at me the whole time- yes people, I'm pregnant and in a swim suit, aka, fat suit. Geese, you'd think they'd never seen one. When we left my friend Jen got out just before a cop chained the only OPEN gate and I was locked in for a half hour. Yes I did call 911 and bitch someone out before he came back and opened another gate. He called me SWEETY. I could have taken the baton off his belt and beat him.

Every time I pee I have a strong contraction - that's a fun regularity these days.

Ami was SOO bad at the store today I pretty much told her to go to bed and that I didn't want to see her face till tomorrow. Of course, then me and Cage went in her room to pray and read stories. Can't not do that. Soon after I thought I heard her almost rehearsing an apology - I thought maybe she was playing with her stuffed puppy. I decided that as long as she stayed quiet I wouldn't harangue her (like that word?). A few minutes later she called me in and said, " I called you in here to apologize. I'm sorry that I was bad to you today." It was amazingly precious. You go Amie!

Blue works 3pm to 11 pm Mon thru fri now. that translates to 12 to 12. He has to leave early to satisfy the Haught in him and to work out. I love his hard body, but we will see if it wears on me. why can't he just be fat like me? JK honey.

My photo printer is broken. Sucks. I really want to fix it, but is it worth it?

My stair well is getting painted tomorrow. Yeah!!! I will take pics, but will I bring the camera upstairs to post them...we will see...

I'm not tired anymore - as much. For the first time in this pregnany - and it's the last trimester. My body is a little odd. :)


Florida Sanders' said...

I like your spunk! I would have felt the same way about the police officer!

Just wanted you to know that I posted the pasta salad recipe on my blog.

Hope you have a yummy treat! Can't wait to see pictures of the paint job!

S & A Millar said...

So I like the changes to your blog! Are you dialated at all, from those contractions? Your due in September right? I think we should be able to make it to ami's b-day. Any suggestions for a gift? What is she into? That would be really fun to see you and hang out! I hope to have a party for Brooklyne, as far as a dat I haven't thought that far along, but I think we will probably do it on August the 9th, so I hope you can make it to that! Sounds like you've been haveing some crazy things goin on lately! When it rains it pours huh? I'm sorry to hear about your car! Is it pretty damaged? Hopefully it can be fixed!

S & A Millar said...
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Taylor and Stephanie Haught said...

I am sorry about your car. How bad is it?
I bet your belly is cuter than ever! You need to hang on to that little guy until at least August, although if he is like all the other Haughts he will want to be early!! Oh, us poor wives! The things we put up with!