Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 4th

We started out the 4th at Jeni's house this year. The kids LOVE her little "jet ski!" Caidgen and Ami have really awed me with their progress with swimming. we had great food and a laid back time with Jeni and her "mister fan" that soaked us through.

Then we went to Mom's for another BBQ. MORE great food and tons of swimming. More like, cannon ball contests (I sat those out) and holding-your-breath-til-your-blue contests. Blue, ever our risk taker, busted out fireworks for us in spite of the cops' warning about mandatory 30 days in jail. TC was great about playing star wars fights with Caidgen and Stella by the pool with noodles. Caidgen even knocked him in the pool once.
Blue became Ironman for me! All I need now is for him to be just a tad more of a smart ass, a nice Hitler stash and I'd say it's a dead ringer...

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