Friday, May 6, 2011

Donations from Claire

Last week my husband and I ate sushi for lunch on his day off. He loves that stuff! When the bill came, there was a request for money for the Red Cross in Japan. There was a spot to write a name from the donor so we donated and wrote in Claire's name. I like to do that. It feels like she is living through me, she is serving on this earth. And it helps me gain valuable perspective when I am feeling selfish. Why not give money? I am not spending it on Claire right now. Why not give money that I would be spending on her to help others? She would like that. Don't parents enable their kids to make a mark on this earth? I love doing these things for my kids.


Marie said...

I think that's just so sweet. It keeps her name alive, and now she is doing something positive through you.

Tyler and Kendyl said...

I love this! What a great example you are. ALL of your kids are so blessed to have you two for parents.