Thursday, April 7, 2011


I've been wanting to post for so long. I read a quote about cracks and light and immediately thought of families who've been forced to endure the loss of a precious child. The magazine lay open on my ottoman for a few days, waiting to be transformed into something uplifting on this blog. Then I cleaned. The kids cut out pictures for their shoebox houses. I've spent the last 2 weeks trying to find that stinkin quote! I have about 6 Oprah magazines (recycled gifts from my mom) laying around and have no clue which had this perfect blog addition!
Fine! Forget it. If I spent half the time blogging that I do searching for lost articles, I'd have a book.
So here is the main point, in my own words and with my personal interpretation : Our hearts tend to be buffered, padded, locked up and hidden away from the world. They are like secret caves holding precious gems. It takes a crack in the structure to let the light shine in.
My heart has certainly been cracked open. But I hope that there is more light now, both coming in and flowing out of my heart now. This idea makes me smile. I think of it as a gift from my Jackson and Claire. I guess I needed their cracks to let some greater light shine into and through my life.


Jenn Comolli said...

I love that quote! I tried to find the article...not sure if it was the one from Dec 2009 issue when Oprah was interviewing Ellen?? Sounds like she heard it from Diane Sawyer. Anyway, I really like that idea.

Lauren said...

I am so glad you posted! I have been wondering how you are in the new house. We need to get together since we are closer now! I love the quote- even if it was in your words (which I think are marvelous).

Edonna said...

Oh Kelly, we found you!!! Ben is thinking about you. Our hearts went out to you as we read this blog. WOW! You've had your hands and hearts full since we last met. Please call us (I found Blue on FB)
BTW Burton is in the Navy, stationed at Norfolk. And I'm teaching a section of English. Are you still writing anything beyond this blog?