Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trey's Baby Blessing- Oct 18, 2010

My mom made him his blessing outfit. It will be special for him to always treasure it, knowing it was handcrafted by his grandmother who loves him so much. Also, his Aunt made him the little white tie to go with it! SO nice of her, because I wanted to make him one, but we all know that if I don't even keep up on the blog I certainly won't take time to make a tie from scratch!

Most of our family was able to be there for it and we were really grateful. An LDS baby blessing is a short prayer-like ceremony where the dad, surrounded by men close to him and the baby, officially gives the baby a name and then follows it with a blessing for his/her life ahead. It's usually done closer to birth, but we didn't want to take Trey to church (tons of germs) until a few weeks ago so his was slightly delayed.
The blessing was short and sweet, as they say. It was so wonderful to sit there listening and know it was for my own child. It's been so long...
We gave Claire a name and blessing in the hospital. It was just me, her dad and her grandfather. I'm grateful we were able to do that, as poor Jackson missed out on this rite of passage. But how much sweeter to offer a blessing on a life ahead here on earth rather than one passed already into a vague, timeless place we can't see much of.
Usually I cry at blessings. It's just hard. I am so happy for family's to grow and have that special experience, but it only brings back the horrible deaths of my children and what they missed out on. This time I did not cry! You'd think I would, but no. I am so happy to have him here and be able to give this to him that any type of tears were kept far away last Sunday.

My husband was thoughtful. He wanted Trey to have white flowers on his blessing day. With our first child, the morning of his blessing we came out front to a bloom of white flowers spouting from our cactus! We didn't even know that thing bloomed! But there was a sweet bouquet for our son on his blessing day.
Also for our daughter that cactus got sentimental and bloomed! Weird. It did it on Easter too...But that's another story. So my husband wanted Trey to have white flowers like our older 2. This was the only bouquet at the store so he bought it. Look closely at the two stems.

There was a pink dragonfly and a green butterfly on the stems. My husband did not put them there. It came like that. I took this as a marvellous greeting from Trey's older passed on siblings. I took it to say that they were with us that day and they wanted us to know. What are the chances? The exact symbols we see for each of our children on special days/times. The colors even matched their genders, as my mom pointed out. I am SO thankful for this! It does wonders to sooth my heart when I get small reminders that my children live and even more, that they are a part of our family still - an active part who want us to know of their presence.
I hope this little bouquet will bolster those who have lost loved ones and don't know where or even if they are. I hope you too will be given a sweet message some day that you will know in your heart and mind is significantly tailored for you. Family's are forever, no matter what size or how they look on the surface.


audra said...

Don't have anything to say but:

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Mindy said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing.

JennC said...

Amazing about the flowers coming with the pink dragonfly and the green butterfly. I'm so happy that it was your turn to have the blessing done for your baby. :o)

Tyler and Kendyl said...

Your family is amazing. My testimony is strengthened every time I am in your presence or am reading your blog.

Thank you.

Bri said...

Love love love. So sad that I missed it, but so grateful that it was such a special and deserved day of celebration and happiness for your family. I am in awe over the butterfly and dragonfly.

Z said...

So Sweet.. Reading about the flowers and cactus gave me goosebumps.. So happy to hear that everything is going good..

The Scotts said...

Love the story about the flowers and butterflys. That is so sweet. And I love that his blessing outfit is homemade. It looks amazing!!

Taylor and Stephanie Haught said...

That was such a special day Kel. Thanks for inviting us to be a part of it. Trey is absolutely perfect in every way and he's so lucky to have you guys as his parents.