Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Early mornings with the police

So I was awakened by the door bell incessantly ringing this morning. It was the Pinal county Police. Someone had called 911 and hung up. Caidgen said he saw Amie playing with the phone but she DENYED it! The officer was really nice about it and told her she was not in trouble, that he just had to make sure she was okay. Yikes. Odd part was, the phone was right by where I was sleeping and I had no idea!
I love summers.
I also got to play domestic Suzie this morning and bust out the sewing machine. I love it! I mended Amie's dance costume last week (pics later since they are on my mother in law's camera - mine's at my mom's and has been for a while). I loved getting to do that for her! I also altered a bunch of maternity shirts that were way boobalishious. It's so fun! I was never like that, and though my mom is a great seamstress I didn't learn from her growing up. She's slowly teaching me now and I am really enjoying it. Talk about nesting! I mended a church sock for Caidgen (how leave it to beaver is that) and also his spiderman costume that Amie cut up this week - WHILE HE WAS WEARING IT.
Like i said, I love summers.


Sara Schletter said...

Gotta love the little ones! I had the chance to make an apron a couple weeks ago. It was fun i have sewn in years.

S & A Millar said...

Well let the adventures of summer begin huh? How are the swimming classes going for Ami? I'm glad to see you busting out the sewing machine! I love it when I get to use mine too, although not as often as I would like! So one question, how do you make shirts less "boobalishous"?

Sara Schletter said...

I moved in with Serena, together we are going to help each other out. We have a community pool here if you ever want to come.